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Beginner Guitars

Beginner Guitars – Buying your first guitar? Or setting up one for the kids?

There are some important things you need to know, to make sure that you get the right guitar, which suits the player.


To accurately chose a beginner guitar firstly you need to decide if you are going to be playing acoustic or electric guitar. Most people start out on acoustic even if their end desire is to be playing electric as the set up cost is slightly higher, but you can still get some great affordable electric guitar packages which are listed below.

If you are going to be playing an acoustic guitar, you have 2 options, nylon string guitars (also known as classical) or steel string guitars.

Most people will start out with nylon strings, as they are softer on the fingers and therefore it won’t hurt your fingers as much when you start to play. With that being said, we also stock and can fit Martin Silk & Steel strings to a steel string guitar which will accomplish a similar feat. The silk and steel strings are wound with silk instead of bronze, making it much easier for a beginner guitarist to hold down the strings without their fingers stinging too much.

What is the difference in sound between steel string guitar, and a nylon string? Here’s a short video that explains just that:



Q: Can I put steel strings on a nylon string guitar? Or nylon strings on a steel string guitar?

A: Steel string and nylon string guitars are constructed differently, a steel string guitar is designed to withstand a lot more tension than a nylon string guitar. Long story short… No you cannot put steel strings on a nylon string guitar, because it will likely make the guitar collapse in on itself, and destroy the machine heads, which are only designed for nylon strings. You can put nylon strings on a steel string guitar if you wish to, however you do lose a lot of volume as a steel string guitar needs the tension of the steel strings helps make the guitar resonate louder. If you are having trouble with the steel strings, definitely try the Martin Silk & Steel strings.


Nylon String Guitars

Usually, children will start out with nylon strings, not only because they are softer on their fingers, but the smaller body sized guitars are more affordable than the smaller steel string options.

Our most popular beginner guitars are:

Ashton Classic Guitar Pack

















These Ashton guitar packs are a great way to get started. They come in full size, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 sizes, so no matter what your size or age, there will be a guitar to fit you.

There are also plenty of colour options available as well… Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Blue and or course the Natural finish which is pictured above.

Accompanied by a gig bag and start up lessons DVD, you have (almost) everything you need to get started. We recommend you also grab yourself a clip on tuner to keep the guitar in tune as even temperature changes can put the strings slightly out of tune.

The prices for the different sizes are as follows and are subject to size and colour availability:

1/4 Size: $135  $120 – Age under 5

1/2 Size: $145  $130 – Ages 5-8

3/4 Size: $155  $139 – Ages 8-12

4/4 Full Size: $165  $149 – Ages over 13

Prices listed above include our 10% student discount.



Valencia CG150












Another one of our popular nylon string guitars is the Valencia CG150. This model is commonly recommended by guitar teachers for their beginning students and is our go to guitar when schools from around the country ask us what they should go for.

3/4 Size: $139  $112

4/4 Full Size: $139  $112




Steel String Guitars


















These full size guitars are great for getting up and running, or transitioning from a nylon string guitar. The ‘Orchestral’ model as it’s known, has a slightly smaller body than the Western shape (The Fender FA100 below).

All colours – $169  $145

This guitar is also available in an Acoustic/Electric (Also called semi-acoustic) cutaway model which will allow you to plug into a PA or acoustic guitar amplifier.

Cutaway Electric Model – $249  $215

Circled below shows what we mean by ‘cutaway’. This is common on acoustic/electric guitars and gives better high fret access.









Fender FA100












Fender are one of the biggest and most reliable brands of guitars in the world. And these guitars which are their entry level acoustic model are fantastic value for the price.

Western body shape gives a great big full tone.

Comes with free gig bag, tuner, picks & strap

All colour options: $249

Natural | Black | Sunburst



Electric Guitar Package

Getting up and started with everything you need, as far as electric guitar goes, is made nice and easy with the following package.

Squier (By Fender) Electric Guitar Pack

Beginner Guitars


This Squier pack is the most popular start up electric pack we have ever sold. Made by Fender, this is the perfect way to get everything you need to, as the box says “Stop dreaming, start playing!”.

– Electric Guitar (available in Black & Sunburst)
– 15 Watt Guitar Amp
– Cable
– Gig bag
– Strap
– Picks
– Tuner
– Lesson DVD

Full Package Price
RRP: $599  Our Price: $479




What Else Do I Need?

Music Machine Chromatic Tuner

TunerOur own Music Machine tuners are exactly what you need to keep your instrument in tune. Clip it on to the headstock (top part) of your guitar and the tuner will pick up the vibrations and tell you what note you are playing, and if it is sharp (too high) or flat (too low).

Normally: $30  Our Price: $25






Other Accessories

There are plenty of other things you can get for your guitar, like capos, guitar stands, gig bags and more. Have a look through our other accessories here.






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