Why you should buy your guitar from Music Machine

Here at the Music Machine we pride ourselves on the quality of our instruments and we want to assure you that before you receive your guitar from us it has been tried, tested and  guaranteed to play, sound and look as good as you imagined it to be. We are all avid guitar players here at the shop with decades of experience and knowledge on all things guitar related. We love guitars and personally chose every guitar that we stock. If we wouldn’t own it ourselves we don’t buy it for the shop, it’s as simple as that. So not only do you get your manufacturers guarantee but you also get your free Music Machine guarantee as well!

Every guitar that we stock has been checked and tested for playability – how the neck feels, neck relief, action height, intonation, bridge and saddle position and height etc, and sound – pick up position and height, electrics functions, checked for any fret buzz or neck abnormality, how the guitar sounds in general. Every guitar has different qualities, some sound better than others, even guitars that have come off the same bench that have cuts of the same block of wood can sound different. When ever we get the choice we’ll chose the best playing and sounding guitar of the bunch, if it fails in any of these tests it goes back to where it came from!

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