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JR Guitars

If you need a guitar repaired, set-up or just restrung, we can help.

Whether it be a vintage Gibson, Fender or Gretsch or the latest Ibanez or Martin, JR Guitars is here to meet your needs.

We offer complete guitar servicing, and will handle everything from replacing a broken string, to fully restoring broken, damaged, faulty and badly set-up instruments.

JR Guitars also produce some amazing handcrafted electric guitars with high quality timbers and parts, not only providing the player with the ultimate tool for musical expression, but also a spectacular looking, great feeling, awesome sounding tone machine.

Value Added Guitar Set-ups

You can have your new guitar set-up to your specifications so it arrives playing exactly how you want it to! Email us here to enquire.
Included in the value added set-ups:
  1. Machine head operation and fixing
  2. Nut check of depth and correct operation 
  3. Fret check and polish
  4. Fret board oil if needed
  5. Pickup heights
  6. Saddle heights
  7. Truss rod function and adjustment
  8. Intonation check
  9. Electronics check
  10. Body and neck finish check
  11. Tremolo function 
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