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AKG DRUMSETSESSION I Drum Microphone Set – The Drum Set Session I is a high-performance drum microphone set and the ideal all-in-one starter kit that delivers an impressive combination of performance and value. With seven microphones and accessories packed in a durable aluminum carrying case, it provides all the essentials needed to capture a complete drum set. It can also be used for miking percussion, bass and guitar amps, brass, woodwinds and other instruments. All microphones are from the Perception Live series and feature a durable metal casing, rugged spring steel microphone grill, scratch-resistant finish and high maximum SPL capabilities.

The set contains: 1 x P2 bass drum microphone, 2 x P17 for overheads, and 4 x P4 for toms and snare.


AKG DRUMSETSESSION I Drum Microphone Set – If you’re looking to start miking your drum kit but don’t know where to begin, turn to AKG’s Drum Set Session 1. This high-performance drum microphone set gives you all of the starter-kit essentials so you can start your drum-recording journey with quality equipment backing you up. Your included microphones are a P2 bass mic, four P4 microphones to capture your snare and toms, and two overhead P17 mics for your cymbals. Each mic is from AKG’s Perception Live series and has safeguarded internal electronics thanks to their durable metal casings. The rugged spring steel mic grille and scratch resistant finish allow them to take a little punishment, so you won’t have to worry about delicately dancing around them with your sticks while recording. These mics also include high sound pressure level capabilities that allow them to pick up the best qualities of your kit in vivid detail. Your microphones, stand adapter, and H440 Adapter Plate all pack up neatly into AKG’s durable aluminum carrying case that ensures your equipment will stay safe during travel. If you’re ready to finally start recording your drum kit, let AKG lead the way!

Perception Live Series mics offer premium sound-capturing

Each mic in the Drum Set Session 1 comes from AKG’s Perception Live Series, and is engineered to deliver stunning sound quality every time you record. With the P2 large-diaphragm bass drum mic, you’ll capture that full-bodied thump in vivid detail thanks to its 157 decibel sound pressure level. The four P4 snare and tom mics mount easily and give you all the freedom to mic your tom setup just the way you want to. Additionally, your two P17 overhead mics have SPLs of 155dB, so your recorded cymbal audio will still have that explosive crash while remaining controlled and free of clipping.

AKG Drum Set Session 1 Microphone Set Features:

  • 7-piece high SPL (sound pressure level) microphones included from AKG’s Perception Live Series
  • P2 large diaphragm bass drum mic captures the full sound of your kick
  • 4 P4 snare/tom mics are easily mountable and let you pick up detailed tom rolls in every corner of your kit
  • 2 P17 overhead mics are perfect for recording cymbal crashes with stunning clarity
  • Stand adapter and H440 Adapter Plate included to make setup quick and easy
  • Aluminum carrying case is foam padded and keeps all of your components safe during travel and when in storage

Tech Specs

  • Number of Microphones: 7
  • Included Models: 1 x P2 (bass drum), 2 x P17 (overhead), 4 x P4 (toms, snare)
  • Microphone Type: Dynamic (P2, P4), Condenser (P17)
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Max SPL: 157dB (P2), 152dB (P4), 155dB (P17 with pad)
  • Power Source: 48V phantom power (P17)
  • Model #: 2581H00150





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