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T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply – The T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon pedalboard power supply has the ability to power most of today’s popular pedals, no matter what their power rating. Onboard are five fully isolated power outputs that can supply 300mA each. And a set of dip switches allow you to run pedals that require 9, 12, and 18 volts DC. You can even use the Chameleon to power 12-volt AC pedals. And it is switchable to be able to accept 115 volts or 230 volts for traveling abroad. The T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon power supply will power just about any type of pedal on the market today.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power Supply -Enter the new Fuel Tank Chameleon, the most versatile power supply T-Rex has ever produced. Built for players with a large number of diverse pedals, Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all the advantages of our other Fuel Tank power supplies, plus an unprecedented 4 separate voltage options.

Part of the FuelTank family

The Fuel Tank Chameleon is only the latest addition to the T-Rex Fuel Tank family. Our original Fuel Tank Classic features 9V DC, 12V DC and 12V AC outlets in three isolated blocks of 500mA each and is ideal for medium-sized pedal boards. It comes with lots of single patch cables and a multiple link cable. The Fuel Tank “Juicy Lucy” powers 5 12V pedals and also offers great extras, like multiple unit linking. The baby of the family – Fuel Tank Junior – is a good choice for a small number of 9V pedals. It offers both current doubling to 240 mA and voltage doubling to 18V.


Placement; as far away from pedals as possible (preferable at least last in the chain close to Analog/drive pedals) in order to reduce noise interference in the signal chain.

T-Rex effects: guitarist designed, quality built

Danish tone pioneers T-Rex Engineering have been making quality effects pedals and guitar gear since the 1990s. T-Rex pedals are made using some of the best components in the industry, like film/foil electrolytic capacitors, lifetime-use pots, and rugged footswitches, toggles, and connectors. T-Rex’s better-known pedals include the Replica digital delay and Mudhoney distortion, which can be found on the pedalboards of top guitarists David Gilmour, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, and Steve Morse, as well as many of players.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Pedalboard Power Supply Features:

  • Power supply for a variety of pedals
  • 5 isolated power outputs
  • Each output is rated at 300mA
  • Can power 9-volt, 12-volt, and 18-volt DC pedals
  • Can power 12-volt AC pedals
  • Power is switchable to be used at 115 volts and 230 volts

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Pedalboard Power Supply Included Cables:

  • 1 mains power cable
  • 1 black link cable with five 2.1mm-2.1mm connector
  • 1 red 50cm DC cable with 2.1mm-2.5mm connector for use on the 12V AC output port
  • 1 black 50cm DC cable with 2.1mm DC-3.5mm mini-jack connector
  • 1 20cm DC cables with 2.1mm-2.1mm connector
  • 1 50cm DC cables with 2.1mm-2.1mm connector
  • 1 75cm DC cables with 2.1mm-2.1mm connector
  • 1 100cm DC cables with 2.1mm-2.1mm connector

Tech Specs

  • Inputs: Standard IEC AC jack, 115V/230V switch
  • Outputs: 4 x 9V/12V DC 300mA, 1 x 9V/18V DC 150mA, 1 x 12V AC
  • Maximum Output Current: 1.5A
  • Height: 1.53″
  • Width: 3.18″
  • Depth: 6.29″
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Model #: 10335

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